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GSIS Wins Top Awards at the KAIAC Forensics Tournament / KAIAC Forensics 최우수상 수상

On November 21st and 22nd, GSIS hosted the KAIAC Forensics Tournament.  Students from APIS, GSIS, KIS, SIS, TCIS, and YISS participated in the events. On Friday, students competed in seven speech categories: Poetry, Prose, Original Oratory, Impromptu, Extemporaneous, Solo Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation. On Saturday, students competed in three debate categories: Public Forum, Parliamentary, and Lincoln Douglas.

Ron Kim, Grade 12, acted as the tournament assistant. He did significant work in making the tournament a success. He arranged all the food deliveries for students and adults. He was the "Tabulation" person, that all the judges brought their ballots so he could do the number crunching on how the students performed. He did so many other things that it would be impossible to list them all. He was the most important person at the tournament; everything focused on his work.

Three other senior students competed in the tournament and also provided valuable assistance in the tournament management. Robby Hwang helped to setup 18 classrooms and then put them back in order after the tournament. Wonjin Kim managed the timers and made sure the other competing students had their badges and answered their questions. Grace Shin acted as photographer and video recording manager.

In the seven speech categories, GSIS took first place in Impromptu and first place and third place in Duo Interpretation. In the three debate competitions, GSIS took fourth place in Parliamentary. Usually, KIS and SIS sweep up most of the wins, since they have a strong Forensics program, with 40 students each, but GSIS showed that a smaller group of students could be just as competitive and could take home wins.

Grace Shin, Grade 12, won first place in Impromptu Speech. Impromptu was one of the largest categories, so her win was truly significant. Impromptu requires competitors to be quick thinkers, to speak intelligently, and convey a range of emotions, with only 3 minutes preparation. 

Stephanie Kim and Loukas Kang, both Grade 10, took first place in Duo Interpretation. Jade Hughes, Grade 8, and James Ahn, Grade 10, took third place in Duo Interpretation. Duo Interpretation is more acting than speech. They act out a two-person script, under very strict requirements. To see a good team perform is truly a work of art. Both of the teams were amazing. 

Grade 8 students, Lucas Lee and Daniel Oh, took forth place in Parliamentary Debate. For them to take this placement, against teams who were all high school level, many of whom were seniors, is truly amazing. Parliamentary is a two-person team competition. It is based on the House of Lords in Great Britain, where the "Government" proposes a legislative action and the "Opposition" opposes it. The competing teams are given a topic and then they have 20 minutes to prepare their arguments and speeches. They must speak well, be highly adaptive, and be able to counter the arguments and challenges of the opposing team.

Several GSIS staff assisted in the tournament. Rebeca Choi was the assistant coach and judge for both days of the tournament. Hana Anderson, Nona Kilgore, Leisha Pitkin, Michelle Pownall, and Melody Welton also served as judges on Friday. Nona Kilgore and Michelle Pownall again served as judges on Saturday. Many thanks to these ladies for making the tournament a great success.

Thank you, one and all, for your support of our Forensics program.

Linroy Kilgore

Forensic Faculty Advisor



  • It is the outstanding community that has shaped me into who I am today : outstanding morals, principled rapport and a genuine love for learning have all imbued a sense of maturity within me. » Victor Jeong, Class of 2016

  • GSIS에서 제가 가장 좋아했고 최고로 꼽는 수업은 HL 생물 수업이었습니다. 담당 선생님께서는 다양한 주제를 찾아낼 수 있도록 도와주셨고, 이는 제가 대학교 입시를 준비하는 데 많은 도움이 되었습니다. 담당 선생님께서 생명공학 및 의학 분야에서 다수의 학술 논문과 연구결과를 공유해주신 덕분에 저는 제 미래의 목표를 의학분야에서 찾게 되었습니다. » 2015학년도 졸업반 Samantha Kim

  • When I come back to GSIS, all the memories of the day to day interactions that I had with my friends and teachers come back to me. It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized how great the environment is here. It’s something that I took for granted while I was a student here but really appreciate now that I am in college. » Tracy Kim, Alumna Class of 2011

  • One of my best academic experiences here at GSIS was in my HL Biology class. My teacher has helped me discover a lot about the subject and has definitely prepared me for college. She also shared many academic writings in the field of bioengineering and medicine, and through them, I've been influenced to study medicine. » Samantha Kim, Alumna Class of 2015

  • Even though I don’t know English very well, people are very nice here, and so I feel like I can fit in. What makes me feel like I belong here at GSIS is the community, my friends, the nice people. It is easy to make friends here, it was hard to make friends in Japan because there was a lot of people, but there is not very many people here, so I can make friends. Also, it makes me want to be a teacher when I grow up, because the teachers here are nice and make it fun, and so I want to make learning fun for other people. 제가 영어를 아주 잘하진 못하지만, 학교 사람들은 내게 아주 친절해요. GSIS 커뮤니티, 친구들과 좋은 사람들로 인하여 학교에 잘 적응하고 있다고 생각해요. 일본에서는 학생들이 너무 많아서 친구를 사귀기가 어려웠지만, 여기는 인원이 많지 않기 때문에 쉽게 친구를 사귈수 있었어요. 또한 선생님들이 너무 좋고 즐겁게 해주시기 때문에, 저도 나중에 커서 다른 사람들이 즐겁게 배울수 있도록 가르쳐주는 교사가 되고 싶습니다. » Kentaro Ikeda, Grade 6

  • The teachers at GSIS are all very nice and it's easy to talk to them, which makes it fun. I like the clubs we have at this school too. Last fall I participated in the soccer program and played against other international schools at jamborees. GSIS에는 정말 좋은 선생님들만 계시고 저희와 재미있는 대화도 많이 나눠주세요. 학교에서 참여하는 클럽활동도 정말 좋아요. 지난 가을에는 방과 후 축구 프로그램에 참여하여 다른 외국인학교와 잼보리 경기도 했어요. » Lucas Lee, Grade 11

  • We get to learn with iPads and have fun! I love my teachers! 학교에서 아이패드로 수업하는데 엄청나게 재미있어요! 선생님들도 정말 좋아요! » Emily Minju Hong, Grade 6

  • 졸업 후 GSIS에 다시 방문하니 학창시절에 친구들과 선생님들과 함께했던 하루하루의 추억이 되살아나네요. GSIS가 얼마나 좋은 곳이었는지를 대학교 입학 전까지는 정말 몰랐었어요. GSIS에 재학 중일 때에는 당연하게 여겼던 모든 것들이 대학생이 되어 그 시절을 되돌아보니 정말 감사한 일들이었네요. » 2011년도 졸업반 Tracy Kim

  • GSIS faculty and staff served as true role models through their words and actions which helped me shape a better perspective towards the world and to seek Christ in my life. 인생의 롤모델이신 GSIS 선생님들의 삶을 보면서 더 큰 세계관을 꿈꾸게 되었고, 제 삶의 주인이신 예수 그리스도를 바라보게 되었습니다. » Maim Cho, Alumnus Class of 2011

  • Through the IB curriculum, the well-rounded thematic approach to assignments that came with set rubrics and criteria, along with strict deadlines, really prompted and scaffolded my children to manage time wisely. I also greatly appreciated the teachers’ dedication in assisting my children to be successful. When my children first began international school, my children struggled with meeting deadlines and even understanding the assignments. However, the teachers always reached out and communicated rationales with thorough explanations behind such result. Through this process, I was able to see the step-by-step approach to learning instead of the obsession over grades. Such an approach in learning was the best fit for my children and for that, I am truly thankful. » Grace Kim, Parent

  • 저희 아이들은 IB 교육과정을 통해 명확한 지시문과 기준, 엄격한 마감 시간에 따른 주제별 접근방식의 과제를 수행하며 현명하게 시간을 관리하는 방법을 배울 수 있었습니다. 또한, 아이들의 성공을 위한 선생님들의 헌신에 깊이 감사드립니다. 저희 아이들이 외국인학교에 처음 입학하였을 때에는 과제를 이해하고 마감 시간을 맞추는 데 많은 어려움이 있었지만, 선생님들과의 지속적인 대화와 세부적인 설명을 통해 좋은 결과를 이룰 수 있었습니다. 이러한 과정을 통해 성적에 대한 강박 관념을 넘어 배움을 향한 단계별 접근 방식을 눈으로 확인할 수 있었습니다. 이러한 학습접근방식이야말로 아이들을 위한 최고의 교육방식일 것으로 생각하며 진심으로 감사드립니다. » 학부모 Grace Kim