Welcome to our school

GSIS will change your life.”

Since our founding in 2006, hundreds of great men and women have walked our halls as GSIS students.
They have been routinely welcomed into renowned universities around the world.

Everything we do is guided by our powerful vision: Educating the Whole Child.

GSIS is a unique school. We’re proud of our humble history.
The very first all-year IB World School in Korea, providing all 3 IB programs,
we offer our students an excellent education with commitments to global engagement and well-being.

As you read through our website, you’ll discover more about the difference and what sets us apart.
When you’re ready to learn more, drop by our school for a school tour to see our students and teachers in action.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing more about what makes our school so very, truly special.


Our aims are to promote participation in sport and encourage students to enjoy being active. We ensure that our students able to find a sport or activity that they can continue to participate in long into their adult lives. 

Who We Are

At GSIS we are educating our students to take their places in a challenging and inter-connected world. Our boys and girls strive to be the best that they can be, academically, morally and creatively.


Everyone matters at GSIS. This means every individual is well-known, valued for who they are, and their contribution is recognised and celebrated.


GSIS celebrates the individual and creative spirit of the students. We provide the springboard for our students to find their place in a world which will require not only technical skills, but also creative and communication skills to thrive.


For virtually all of our students, applying for Higher Education is the culmination of their journey through GSIS, and we support them to ensure that they have everything in place to make a happy and successful future.

Stay in Touch

Our alumni community is a unique and dynamic group of individuals whose careers and life experiences span an incredible array of sectors, choices and countries. Whatever their age, there is an instant bond amongst our graduates and an amazing willingness to support each other.

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