GSIS consists of an elementary school (Pre-K - 5th grade), a middle school (6th-8th grade), and a high school (9th-12th grade). The student body at GSIS is diverse with dozens of countries represented. The exit goal for graduates is to prepare them for "world class" higher education institutions internationally. Because the language of social interaction and instruction on the GSIS campus is English, it is assumed that most graduates will matriculate to higher education programs where English is the language of instruction.

According to Korean law, students must be children of foreigners, or if the students are Korean citizens they must have lived outside of the country for at least three or more years to be eligible to apply to GSIS. Additionally, students will be admitted on the basis of their placement tests results, past three years’ academic record, English language ability, discipline and medical records. When applying to GSIS, each student will need to submit the following items on the check list. Families should apply early and communicate with GSIS as soon as possible to answer any questions and to complete the application process.

Non-English speakers or limited English proficient students are admitted to the GSIS ESL program based on the availability of classroom space within the program, English ability, student's age, past grades, and the potential for success at the international school. As a general rule, GSIS will not accept more than 30% of its current enrollment as ELL students needing academic assistance. Beginning ELL students are not accepted after 7th grade except as a limited term exchange student.


The teachers at GSIS are all very nice and it's easy to talk to them, which makes it fun. I like the clubs we have at this school too. Last fall I participated in the soccer program and played against other international schools at jamborees. GSIS에는 정말 좋은 선생님들만 계시고 저희와 재미있는 대화도 많이 나눠주세요. 학교에서 참여하는 클럽활동도 정말 좋아요. 지난 가을에는 방과 후 축구 프로그램에 참여하여 다른 외국인학교와 잼보리 경기도 했어요. » Lucas Lee, Grade 12

Checklist for Applying to GSIS

  1. Communicate early with the GSIS Admissions Director about interest in GSIS. Download the Admissions Packet, Medical Form, and Reference Letter Form from the school website.

  2. Schedule an appointment with the admissions officer

  3. Bring the following to GSIS:

For further information please contact the Office of Admissions at