Admissions Criteria


As a student of GSIS, your child is the face of our community.
We want to make sure this is the right school for your child, and they're the right fit for us. 
To be eligible for the selection process, your child must have lived outside the country of Korea for more than 3 years (1095 days) or one of parents must be a foreign national. When we assess your child’s application, we consider prior academic records,  entrance exam results, reference letters, and the possible need for additional support services.

입학 자격 
1. 부모님 중 한명이 외국 국적 소유자이거나
2. 학생은 한국 국적의 소유자로서 해외 체류를 3년 (1095 일) 이상 한 경우 입학 지원 가능 여부를 검토합니다. 

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Special Criteria