Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 School Year


Application Fee (Non-refundable)


300,000 KRW

This fee is for new students only. It must be paid to GSIS direct deposit account when submitting a formal application.



Registration Fee For New Students (Non-refundable)


500,000 KRW

This fee is due within 1 week of receiving the acceptance letter.



Entrance Fee (Non-refundable)


4,500,000 KRW


Tuition & Other Fees

US Dollar


Korean Won

Junior - Kindergarten $5,224.00 +     12,992,000 KRW
Pre - Kindergarten $5,877.00 +     14,616,000 KRW
Elementary School (Grades K-5) $6,530.00 +    16,240,000 KRW
Lower Secondary School (Grades 6-8) $7,740.00 +      17,917,000 KRW
Upper Secondary School (Grades 9-12) $8,380.00 +   22,046,000 KRW
Transportation Fee          2,909,000 KRW
Lunch Fee Elementary School (Grades JK-5)           1,052,000 KRW
Lunch Fee Secondary School (Grades 6-12)            1,169,000 KRW

Senior Fee (Grade 12 Students Only)

             250,000 KRW

Fee Payment - General Information

Korean Won fees must be directly deposited into account #385-890008-21404 at the Hana Bank, Suwon Yeongtong, Korea.

US Dollar fees must be directly deposited into account #385-890008-97838 at the Hana Bank, Suwon Yeongtong, Korea.

Early Fee Payment / Returning Student Fee Policies

  1. Parents wishing to pay the entire annual tuition and fees by April 21, 2021 will receive a 2% discount on the annual rate.
  2. All 1st Semester tuition and fees for returning students must be paid by May 12, 2021 to secure a seat, confirm registration, and schedule classes. All 2nd Semester tuition and fees must be paid by November 17, 2021 to secure a seat, confirm registration, and schedule classes.
  3. Students admitted to GSIS before or during summer vacation prior to the beginning of the new school year are required to pay tuition and fees within the first week of acceptance. A student admitted into GSIS after the new school year has begun is required to pay tuition and fees prior to the first day of attending class.
  4. Late fees will apply for payments made after the established due dates. Late fees will be calculated according to the following guidelines:
    • 1-30 business days late: 6% fee
    • 31-60 business days late: 8% fee
    • 60+ business days late: 10% fee
  5. Returning students are exempt from payment of the entrance fee. However, all other fees are applicable to returning students as well as new students.

Late Admission Student Fee Policies

1st Semester        2nd Semester                    Discount
     August            January           0% of Semester Tuition
  September           February          20% of Semester Tuition
    October             March          40% of Semester Tuition
  November              April          60% of Semester Tuition
  December              May          80% of Semester Tuition 

Early Withdrawal of Students Fee Policies

Early Withdrawal Processing Fees          Annual            (Semester)
Elementary (Grades JK-5)   KRW       1,000,000             (500,000)
Lower Secondary (Grades 6-8)   KRW      2,000,000             (1,000,000)
Upper Secondary (Grades 9-12)   KRW      3,000,000             (1,500,000)
  1. For students withdrawing before the scheduled end of the semester, GSIS will refund an appropriate portion of tuition and fees paid. After deducting non-refundable fees from the tuition and fees paid, a refund will be made by a monthly basis. Transportation and lunch fee refunds are prorated on the basis of the number of days left in the semester or year. There is no refund for any other fees.
  2. In extreme circumstances that result in a large number of withdrawals or school closure such as war, civil strife, labor unrest, or extreme weather conditions that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled, GSIS reserves the right to deny refunds. Additionally, tuition and fees unpaid will be due and payable.
  3. Refunds are mailed or given to parents only after all withdrawal documentation is presented, signed and cleared by the finance department. Requests in writing for refunds, with proper clearance, will be processed and mailed within 30 days. Official documents, such as transcripts, are held by the school until a student’s account is cleared of any balance due.
  4. Generally, refunds will be made in Korean Won unless the entire tuition was initially paid in US Dollars.