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We would like to collect a permanent address for you or someone that will always know how to contact you.

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GSIS is an evangelical school. Its trustees mandate that faculty be practicing Christians who subscribe to the school's statement of faith. Please read the statement of faith at Check this box if you agree.
GSIS seeks teachers with a demonstrated faith-walk with Jesus Christ. Please attach a separate document with 200-300 words describing your Christian walk and/or conversion experience.

Professional Background

Please attach an updated resume or CV with your professional experience and educational background.


Ex: MA in Curriculum & Instruction
Please list subject areas and grade levels.
Ex: State of Oregon, etc.

Do you have or have you had any health condition(s) that has caused your work or education to be interrupted for an extended period of time?


Have you or do you smoke or use tobacco products?


Have you used recreational drugs?

Are you currently on any prescription medicine or under a doctor's care?

Have you ever had any gaps in your teaching career for medical or other reasons?  If so, please attach an explanation and include it in the attachments.

If you have answered "Yes" for any of these health questions, please attach a separate document with further explanation.
(You will be required to have a doctor's physical and complete a full health history upon employment decision.)

Professional References

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Character Reference

For character references, preference is given to the home church pastor and non-relatives.

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File Submissions

Please attach all additional files here including your 1) resume/CV, 2) answers to extended-response questions, and 3) additional health explanations (if applicable). Any other supporting documents are appreciated as well.  Please make sure all file submissions are in PDF format.

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