GSIS Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

GSIS Parent Teacher Association is a parent organized and operated, non-profit organization consisting of GSIS parents, teachers and staff.  Its goal is to strengthen the partnership between the school and the community through effective communication via newsletters, PTA website, and multicultural committees to reach its community.  PTA meets every second Tuesday of the month to discuss projects and activities to support the school. They sponsor annual events such as the Christmas Bazaar and the International Festival.  They hold information sessions for parents concerning school related issues as well as parenting seminars.  Parents volunteer in the classrooms as well as the library and hold weekly prayer meetings on campus.  In 2009 the PTA opened and manages the Knight Shop where students can purchase stationary material, school spirit items and a light snack. PTA supports the mission of the school in developing the “whole child” and is a vital part of the GSIS community.