The Arts

Fine Arts at GSIS focuses student learning on an aesthetic understanding and arts practice developed through the art forms of drama, music and visual arts, experienced individually or in combinations with others. Although these three forms may be used in interrelated ways, each has unique language, techniques and conventions. Students develop creative ways of expressing themselves and develop a critical appreciation of their own works and those of others. They use their senses, perceptions, feelings, values and knowledge to communicate through the arts.

Aesthetic understanding helps students to appreciate and critically respond to various arts experiences with enjoyment. Through their arts experiences, students come to understand broader questions about the values and attitudes held by individuals and communities. Arts practice involves the exploration and development of ideas and feelings through the use of a range of skills and knowledge of art techniques and processes. The arts provide a powerful means of expression and communication of life experiences and imagination. The arts contribute to the development of an understanding of the physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of human experience. They also assist the expression and identity of individuals and groups through the recording and sharing of experiences and imagination.

In linking all units of study with the principles of IB Educational expectations Fine Arts at GSIS encompasses five key areas:

  • Arts and the Community
  • Arts and Communication
  • Arts and Values
  • Arts, Creativity and Satisfaction
  • Arts and Life Skills