A happy, healthy child is a successful child.

GSIS provides counseling for each and every student. We create a home where individuals are nurtured and the whole personality can grow.

Our expert team of Bible Teachers, Chaplain, subject teachers, staff and counselors develop the skills of resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence in our students. We encourage our students to have a balanced approach to their school years, which includes appropriate levels of exercise, social activity, and academic pursuits.

We address any issue that can affect a student's learning or emotional well-being conviction, professionalism, and purpose; as we value the support of our active parent body and provides parents as partner workshops to ensure a cohesive pastoral message.

We want to reassure you that everyone is precious to us.

The GSIS Counselors:
- Are an advocate for our students.
- Can meet with you or your child confidentially.
- Help our students cope with any difficulties with home or school life.


Talk to our School Counselors.

Mr Chuck Krugler
Grade 12 College Counselor
Grades 9-11 Academic Counselor (College and Career)
Grade 9 A-K
Grade 10 A-Kim
Grade 11 A-KE

Mr David Lee 
Grades 6-8 Counselor



Mr Michael Rhee
Grades 9-11 Academic Counselor (College and Career)
Grade 9 L-Z 
Grade 10 Koh-Z
Grade 11 Ki-Z

Mr Wynn Arellano
Social & Emotional Counselor
Grades 9-12

PK-Grade 5 Counselor