Elementary School Counseling

In the life of an elementary school student, there are various challenges and curve balls that they have yet to encounter. These obstacles come in various forms of personal/social, academic, and career manifestations. At GSIS, we want your child to be as successful as possible in all areas of their lives, not just in their studies.
The elementary counseling program at GSIS focuses on providing guidance lessons to teach critical skills in the following areas:
Students learn to identify and understand themselves and those around them. Students learn what it means to take another’s perspective and why it is important to show compassion.
Academic Success
Students learn the appropriate attitudes to learning (e.g., Paying attention to the speaker, active listening, staying on task, etc.). Students also obtain skills to understand the importance of goal development and goal setting.
Bully Prevention
Students learn to identify and report bullying incidents. Students also recognize how bullying can foster an unhealthy learning environment in the classroom and at the school. 
Conflict Resolution
Students learn about the various ways to navigate through big and small problems with their peers. Through the Kelsos’s Choices program, students will learn 9 unique and distinct ways to resolve conflicts on their own.

Emotion Management
Students learn specific skills to identify, understand, and calm strong emotions, such as anger, anxiety, or even excitement.

Students are supported in their various transitions at GSIS (e.g., New student arrivals and their adjustment to the new learning environment, moving up a grade level).
Child Protection
Students learn to keep themselves safe from dangerous or abusive situations. They learn to recognize, refuse, and report to an adult they trust.