Students in the 21st Century live in an increasingly connected world and are expected to contribute as citizens on the global stage in ways that were never possible in the past. Our students demonstrate amazing creativity when they have the freedom to engage their academic work in motivating and unique ways. GSIS believes technology brings richness to the educational environment when implemented at developmentally appropriate levels.

Students are different from their parents because technology permeates their lives.  The depth of these differences goes well beyond environmental factors at the surface.  Current research on teenagers’ brains reveals differences in their brain development.  Not only are their brains different, but students learn differently.  They make meaning, engage, and process their learning in ways that reflect the digital world that surrounds them.  An immense amount of information is now available to them as digital media.  GSIS seeks to maximize the opportunities of technology to enhance the learning community of students and faculty.

Preparing for tomorrow TODAY

GSIS believes that personal devices place powerful learning tools into students’ hands in every classroom during every period.  Although we cannot foresee exactly what the future holds, we can predict skills that will make students successful in the 21st century.  Digital literacy accompanied by the ability to adapt and learn new skills effectively is critical to our students’ success in their educational endeavors as well as longer term life goals.  GSIS seeks to develop a learning community that celebrates innovation, collaboration, critical thinking, and effective technology infusion into these life skills.

LEARNING is the focus

While the devices, platform and services are an important part of the overall GSIS technology program, it is the transformation of learning that defines who we are as a 21st Century school.  Devices are tools.  When connected to the internet they provide experiences through access to the world's information and other people.  Learning is transformed because we use technology in a meaningful way.

We aim for learning to be an individual, personal experience for every child.  Learning at GSIS is meant to be inquiry-based, connected with real-world contexts, both process and product focused, personalized as much as appropriate, and social.  Learning happens best in community and GSIS seeks to create a learning community where 21st Century learning takes place in a Christian context.