For an additional fee, GSIS offers bus service to the Gyeonggi Province, Suwon City and the surrounding area. The listings attached give a sampling of the areas serviced by the GSIS transportation program. For pick-up times at your location or If you have other questions about our bus service, please contact Mr. Hwang Hong Yeon, who coordinates our transportation service.

In addition to the bus service, GSIS offers a boarding option to enable students access to international education.

Transportation Coordinator: Mr. Hwang Hong Yeon 031.695.2917

In case of an emergency, you may also call the following:

Mr. Hwang, HongYeon 031.695.2917

Mr. Hwang, KyoungSoo 031.695.2815

Please contact the Transportation Office for a complete bus schedule including pick-up and drop-off times.